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Jamie C.
Founder | CEO

Pampered Pets, was created because of a disaster which happened with my Rex and Sasha, who had cancer. My two beloved pets, which went everywhere with me, that once brought me such joy, where now gone .. Rex who suffers from pancreatic illness and Sasha who heart weakened as she aged the joy that was once there was stolen from me by faith .. the only thing I could do it aid them as they left this world by making it as comfortable and painless as I could after Grief passes and sparrow I created Pampered Pets because I vowed that I will make a change by given back, 50% out of every dollar made allowing other to feel the joy that Sasha and Rex once gave me . While Pampered Pets is focus on saving the lives of animals will by donating 50 percent of every doller made to locals community animals shelter but also by allowing pet owners to blossom in the happiness of ownership of our animal friendĀ